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Myeaglefly is aimed to motivate entrepreneurs and also to share knowledge with them. You will find content on various topics like entrepreneurship, business ideas, success stories of people. We are here to motivate you in your start-up and business all the time. Just never ever give up with your work. We are building a community with like-minded people, so surely we will provide greate content on business and entrepreneurs, which will help you out.

Business and start-up

10 realistic ways to make money online.


blogging, stock trading, affiliate marketing, fb marketplace, Youtube channel, freelancing.

Tiffin service business plan with low investment money in india 2020.


Tiffin service and delivery at your doorstep saves a lpots of time especially of employees.

How to start a small restaurant business in india 2020.

16/01 /2020

Restaurant location, investment, marketing, staff, parking,services, best chefs, cleaning these are the all things that you should to manage as a restaurant owner.

Invest in yourself

Before your 27

Habits that drain your wallet.

  • Write down everything that you learn.

  • Watch documentaries.

  • Learn a new language.

  • focus on consistent improvement.

  • become more self-aware.

  • Try a new diet for one month.

  • Do random activities.

  • Keep challenging yourself every time.

  • Read one book every month. 

  • Try to write your own novel.

  • Connect with smart people.

  • Work smart and hard with consistency.

  • Read a lot.

  • start eating healthy.

  • Observe things a lot more.

  • Surround yourself with smart people.

  • develop multiple income streams.

  • Build a powerful network.

  • Become financially independent.

  • Smoking & Drinking.

  • Parties at the weekend.

  • Fashionable clothes and jewelry.

  • Credit card.

  • Unused gym and online subscriptions.

  • Outside foods.

  • Movies watching every week.

  • Petrol expense.


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